IL DIVOを聴いていると何でこんなに幸せな気持ちになれるのだろう。のめりこんではいけない、なぜって解散したときのダメージが怖いから、などと自分に言い聞かせ、ちょっと引いた立場でいよう、などと思うのだが、聴いてしまうと、もうダメ。引きづりこまれてしまう。特にセブの歌声は麻薬なのである。ああ・・・


To all our proud and wonderful mothers in the U.K
.作成: Sebastien Izambard 日時: 2012年3月19日 9:11
Happy morther's day. You deserve it if it's not actually a metal. I can be very hard to give birth and i admire you for this. I hope you have been treated well on that special.
Well done and have a beautiful mother's day in Family.
Love, S xxx

3月11日 21:13
Dear All,
Just would like us to have a minute of silence all of us in your timing for all the Japanese people who have suffered from this horrible trajedy and all the souls who are missing now. It was a year ago and i remember. As i say what i do admire is how Japonese do not let themselves drown they remember but the move foward in the lives and this is simply admirable. May all our thoughts wherever we are spread enough energy to hope this will never happen again.
With all our love. Il Divo
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"FURUSATO" on the radio



Good evening everyone,
I just wanted to thank you all so much for my birthday. I had never been so spoiled of messages, letters and love. Sorry i was a bit late but i have the family with me in Tokyo and i travel like mad in and out at the moment so i have to admit i have been rubbish with keeping in touch. I hope you are all well and healthy. A big big thank you to all our Japanese fans for all the french flags in the audience on the 7th..... I had the bigger cake of my life...
Lots of love to you all and be safe.
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シドニーでのビデオを見ていて気付いたのが、オケの指揮者が昨年8月ロンドンコロシアムのコンサートと同じ方ではないかということ。今回のツアータイトルが「Il Divo And Orchestra」と銘打っているぐらいだから、オケのメンバーも一緒に世界を回るの?って思ったが、雑誌INROCKを読んで、オケは現地調達であることが分かった。

Thanks to http://nightwantstoforget.com/2012/02/16/il-divo-in-sydney-2012-the-videos/

2/15のシドニー公演。セブ、マイクロフォンじゃなくて何だったの? ちょっと危ないもの!?

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3年前に行ったシドニーも自由でしたあ。会場はオペラハウスじゃなくて、オリンピック公園の中のアリーナと街中のエンターテイメントセンターでしたが、どちらも自由でした。オーストラリアは大らか! アメリカの方が厳しいような。会場にもよると思うけど。


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ワールドツアーが始まって、南アフリカ公演も無事終わり、シドニーへ移動中? 最初のコンサートでセブがミスった?らしいけど、フォーラムでは「小さなミスが無きゃ、イルディーボのコンサートじゃない」と言ってくれる暖かいファン。そういえば、公式フォーラムが突然?引越中になってしまった。せめていつオープンするのか知らせてほしい。

セブのFBを見て、ミラー紙で何かが書かれたことを知った。どうも下記の記事らしい。デヴィもツイッターで必死?に説明。まあ、紙面通りに受け取ったとしても(英語だし100%理解できるわけでないが)、DIVOのファンはラテンアメリカを除いて年配が多いのは事実(私も含めて)だし、目くじら立てることもないんじゃないかと・・・ でもDIVO本人たちにとってはお得意様の気分を害しかねないことを書かれては、たまったものじゃないのでしょう。以前、カルロスだったか、セブのことをsensitiveと言っていましたが、今回のことにすぐ反応するあたり、本当にそうだと思います。人気者は大変〜
Thanks to http://nightwantstoforget.com/2012/02/11/il-divo-simons-put-in-his-place/

2nd show Joberg... what a privilage....
.作成: Sebastien Izambard 日時: 2012年2月11日 10:22
Good evening,
We are still living the dream. I can tell you how much we are having fun. It was our second concert of our tour 2012 around the world, what a blast tonight.

Thank you so much for making our lives a dream. Tomorrow we are off to Australia. God we are going to miss South Africa but i love Oz so much too, it s like my home.

I just want to clarify some things being said in the Mirror i think, some stuffs that really hurt me as much as it did.

I am horrified because really what you see when you come to see us live or in person is what you get.

We love you guys and owe you respect at all times.

I've really never heard anyone of us speaking badly about you.

I really understand how you feel about Il divo but we are 300 percents devoted and thankfull to you and we would never say anything bad like what i read. they just want to provoc i guess. How many times do i read Il Divo is over ......

Don't beleive always what you read please and ask us as you did.

I hope this makes sence to you and that we are going to have lots of fun and we are going to forget a stupid article who is trying to kill our audience that we love dearly.

Love me xoxoxooxo

Impressions after our 1st in beautiful Captown show 2012 world tour...
.作成: Sebastien Izambard 日時: 2012年2月10日 2:22
God i don't know how to describe this amazing feeling to be on stage for our 1st worldwide tour... It was sensational...extraordinaire as we say in french... i'm speechless.

You made our fist concert a memorable moment. I hope you enjoyed our surprises and our sence of humour.

We love you guys... i'm a bit sunburn and back to the gym.

The family is coming in a few days in Sydney, i'm so happy. Jude has 3 little teeth coming out and his 1st one is showing a bit Renee told me.

I can't wait to be tomorrow and after tomorrow and after after tomorrow...

Guys we live a dream.

Thank you xxxxx
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後日そのお店に伺ったら、「Wicked Game、買いましたよ!」と。そして「3月の武道館にも行こうかしら」と。思わず、「ありがとうございます!」と答えてしまいました。イエイ! 個人的プロモーション成功!? その方も「教えていただいて良かったわ!」と喜んでくださったし。みんなを幸せにしてくれるDIVO!

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3年前、初めて見に行ったildivoのコンサートがラスベガスで、「will-call」というシステムも初めての経験だったので「わかるかしら?」と不安だったのですが、当日何の問題なくチケットを受け取ることができましたのでご安心を! ただハヤル気持ちを抑えきれなくて数時間前に行ってもまだ開いてないと思いますので念のため(笑)



Hello guys...
.作成: Sebastien Izambard 日時: 2012年1月19日 20:14.
Sorry i had a problem with my facebook, for some reason i couldn't get access to it for days.

Now things are back on track.

Working on the songs today to get ready for our rehearsals soon.

Ready for the tour ? ? I hope you are enjoying your day.....

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最近カルロスが、やけに元気? というかクリスマス休暇でもどんどん発信していたような。シングルだから暇だった? ジェリちゃんのオメデタも内心ショックだったと思うけど、それを振り払うためにも前に進まなきゃね、って余計なお世話です。

the Sunday Times のスキャン


Just a a quick hello before we take off, the litlle Izambards and my wife are in Paris already since few days to enjoy the holidays. I will joining them on the 22nd of december 2011, i can't wait. Eating oysters, turkey, enjoying my grand aunt who is going slowly from a cancer, i can't wait. If i don't speak to you before the holidays i wish you all a wicked xmas. Big kisses and see you very soon.
2011年12月19日 1:40、ロンドン周辺

Hola Paraguay, you rock, tomorrow we are playing our biggest concert ever, 35 000 people woawwww. It's going to be amazing as per usual we will give our 1000 percent on stage. Muchos besos a todos y a todas x
2011年12月20日 4:46

2012年1月7日 20:29.The Izambard's family wish you all the best year ever.

La famille Izambard vous souhaite la plus belle annee jamais souhaitee.

May all your dreams come true.

Que tout vos reves se realisent.

Health, happiness, prosperity and everything else you wish for....(job....)

Sante, etre heureux, prosperite et tout ce que vous pouvez souhaiter (travail,....)

Big kisses to all of you. Peace and love.

Grosses bises a vous tous. Paix et amour.

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「表参道ヒルズ、行ったの?」 昨晩TBSの番組を見たのでしょう、甥っ子からのケータイメール。「アハハ、行ったよ」と返事。 大きい声では言えませんが、仕事を早退して行ってしまいました^^; 表参道ヒルズでDIVO達は、光り輝いてました。もちろん、ライティングの影響もあるのでしょうけど、彼らは眩しいくらい輝いて見えました。見下ろす形だったのですが、ほんの数メートル先で歌っている彼ら。眼鏡を持っていくのを忘れた近眼の私には、セブが若い頃のトムクルーズのように見えたのでした。





12/18 09:37
Good evening we just got back from Japan, in london for few hours and then off to Paraguay but we stop by Sao Paulo to reach Paraguay.
I have no idea what time is it but god we are living a dream right now.
See you very soon for some more news xoxo

12/16 08:25
Have you ever seen Lost in Translation, well i feel as if i didn't sleep for days lol I don't know when i write if i should say hello, goodnight , good afternoon. But the passion for music and our incredible fans keep us on our feet all the time so i smile all the time because i'm very lucky.
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ワールドツアー 追加情報


北米公演のVIPチケットを手に入れたのですが、ticketmasterのサイトには北米以外には発送しません、って明言してあるので、ILDIVOグッズが送られてこない可能性大。住所訂正すれば、もしや、と思い、ticketmasterにメールしてみました。数時間で返事が来たのが下記の通り(一部編集) やはりグッズ発送は期待できそうにありませんが、M&Gチケットは大丈夫なので仕方ないですね。コンサート当日にグッズが貰える事を期待しましょう(前回はそうでした)

Hello Chikako,

We’re sorry, we can’t deliver tickets to a billing address outside the United States. But don’t worry, we’ll have your tickets waiting for you at the event at the box office will call window, which is usually near the venue’s main entrance.

But if you wish to correct your address for identification purposes , just respond to this e-mail with the correct address and we will be happy to take care of it for you.

Please don’t leave home without these three things - you’ll need them to claim your tickets!

• Your picture ID
• Your Ticketmaster order #
• The credit card you used to buy the tickets

Will call tickets are usually available an hour before the event.

If you need anything else, we’re always here for you - just hit reply and ask us or visit Ticketmaster.com.

Thanks for being a fan!

Ticketmaster Fan Support


Number #2 in Holland....
.作成: Sebastien Izambard 日時: 2011年11月26日 5:05.
What an amazing news really number #2 in Holland this is really fabulous.
We have to give that one to our devoted Dutch Divas.
You have more promo than any TV exposure would give us.
How will be the dutch divas ???? Lol
Thank you so much from wherever you are.
Vous etes notre raison d'etre.
Bises ....

Happy thanks giving day....
.作成: Sebastien Izambard 日時: 2011年11月25日 7:22.
Just wanted to wish you all a happy thanks giving day from london. How is the turkey ???
Off to bed as tomorrow BBC breakfast show. If you are bored tuned in we will have some fun again.
Lots of love as always

The tour....
.作成: Sebastien Izambard 日時: 2011年11月21日 15:52.
Dear friends,

I'm so sorry to read how many of you had problems with their seats for the tour or their order for the book.
We are in it. The four of us, our management and record company are doing everything to understand what happened and we want your happiness of course.
I hope whatever inconvinience you are experiencing be sure that it really doesn't come from our end and hope we won't hold this agains't us.
Re the book find below an e-mail adress


This is for any questions about albums or books or whatevever...

Re the tour i will find out where to write to although i m sure our management will find an adress e mail to write complains to and try to sort it out asap.

Lots of love to you all and for now thanks again for being such an incredible support xxxxx

11月16日 13:03 (携帯より) ・
Good morning,
4am can't sleep i hope you guys are well.
London we are back home.... Are you ready to rock?
I'm better off trying to get a sleeping pile as i'm being silly.

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